Saturday, July 16, 2016


This is a picture of my boyfriend, and my good friend, who bonded over Pokemon Go before it was released in Canada. I didn't even know she was coming over until she was there. The picture I don't have is when the three of us ran into another friend of mine, and the THREE of them hundled around a phone. "Hi, hello, nice to meet you. Which Pokemon do you have?" But yesterday something big happened. It was released in Canada. 

I was talking to a buddy of mine who works at a gaming store, because I was purchasing Guitar Hero for my Nintendo DS, for $2! Score! He asked, "have you downloaded Pokemon Go yet?" Important word there people. Yet. As if it's only a matter of time before you get ASSIMILATED!! I saw a video of Central Park in New York City, a rare Pokemon spawned, and hoards of people started running full tilt. It looked apocalyptic, people were abandoning their cars in the street! I asked how Pokemon where popping up in Canada when it wasn't even technically released yet. Something to do with geographical tracking, and people in the area having the app, then Pokemon will show up there.

But in its defence, it's getting people moving. My friend who's not what you'd call "active" said, "I went for a walk Jenn. I did!" But even an active friend of mine showed me on his fit bit, his activity doubled, almost tripled since he started PokeHunting. He said he got it because his friends go for PokeCruises and he didn't want to stop being invited out. That's right, people get together with the sole purpose of driving around together looking for Pokemon. He said their carload took over a PokeHotSpot and got fingered by a girl. At a park in Maple Ridge. At 2am. On a Tuesday. Well now people, we're about to have PokeBrawls. Since I didn't buy PokeShares, which as you can imagine, went significantly up in price, I'll have to sell PokeInsurance, for the poor buggers showing up at hotspots getting mugged. Or just in case that PokePro you hired off Craiglist also robbed you instead of showing you rare Pokemon for $20/hr. But good on those dorks for cashing in. They probably also missed out on the shares. 

Even Kyle asked me last night on the phone if I'd gotten it yet. I generally don't to be honest, when things go mainstream  I'm generally turned off. Now if we were catching Disney characters, that's a different story...

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