Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Spread the loves

Anyone who has me on Facebook is aware how much I overuse the "like" button, but it represents real life, I like everything. Newly added recently is a "love" button, along with a "sad" "angry" "wow" "haha". 

But when is it socially appropriate to use the "love" button? Should it be based on a reflection of how close you are to that person in real life? As in, "I haven't seen Jenn since high school and she just LOVED this picture of our daughter, creeeppppyy" Sometimes before I hit the "love" button, I evaluate how close I feel to that person. Will they misinterpret my love? Will they be non-accepting of my love? I always feel so honoured when someone LOVES my stuff. Spread the love people. 

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