Monday, August 1, 2016

20,000 Hits

I kept waiting for my blog to hit 20,000 hits so I could celebrate. And by celebrate I mean sing YOUR praises for making this so fun for me. When I write a blog post and less than 5 people read it, it tends to take away from it a little. Not that those 5 people aren't important, thanks Grams, but when 200 people read what I write, it feels impactful. What kind of impact you say? Not much. I'm happy if I make someone laugh on their morning commute. It's you that make it all worth while. When I'm at a friends house party (rare these days I'll admit) and someone says, "I love your blog!" it makes me feel pretty damn good. I'll always say "Do you read my blog? Oh, well I think I'm pretty darn look me up!"

I see you.

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