Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Foams and fogurt

Of the things I'll miss when I change stages in my life, nights like tonight will make the list. 

Post Judo bubble bath. That's coconut yogurt with blueberry-cicles, and it's delish. Don't believe the carton's expiry date on this one. I bought it back when I was shopping for my grandparents to stay with me. For my birthday. In June. The lid says "June 10/16" but it took me this long to work up the courage to try it. Now the verdict it still out you might say, we shall see how I feel tomorrow, but so far so good. 

Hard to say if I would eventually trade that in for help into this dress, which took an honest 10 minutes and all the yoga flexibility I could muster. 

Someone to negotiate into all my least favourite household chores might sway the vote. But I'm told there's some downsides to living with a sig nif. What's your deal breakers? Comment on my post.

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