Saturday, November 26, 2016

Feeling Enchanted

I went with my Auntie last night to the opening night of the new Enchant light maze down in Vancouver. I had an absolute blast. If you want to go hang out with hundreds of lost people, this is your event my friend! It starts off so innocently too, when they hand you a card with the names of all nine reindeer. "Oh this is exciting! I just find them and stamp them? How fun!" 

Until a half hour later, when you keep finding the same damn reindeer over and over again. "Dammit Donner! We've found you four times!" One of the workers said someone offered to pay her to find Vixen. I jumped and hollered when we found the last one. 

Lots of cool and fun things they did with lights. 

Some people didn't get the email warning to wear proper footwear due to all the rain we've had. I saw a girl in flats! 

The market was fun, not a place to get all my Christmas shopping done, but some cool leggings, and great people selling cool stuff. Bamboo bowls. 


I have a severe poutine addition, and the real potatoe fries hit the spot. 

My Auntie and I always have a great time together, so pick your person well if you plan on going. A great local way to get into the holiday season. Vixen was a bugger to find.

Great festive date idea gentlemen, but convince your date to wear her sexiest wellies.

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