Sunday, January 22, 2012

Corny one-liner

Some of my favourite TV shows are CSI: Las Vegas, Bones, Dexter and Castle. I just love all the crime solving mysteries, but it's never a mystery what happens in the first five minutes. There's always a dead body, and they usually show the crime scene investigators showing up to find the body too. I'm not sure where this phenomenon started, but right before the theme song plays, there's a tendency for a main character to say a corny one liner about the victim's situation, and it's usually a pun. In Castle, when he showed up to a scene where the body was frozen he said "This is my first cold case!" before the theme song. I've noticed that Bones is more subtle about it, but it's still there. In CSI: Las Vegas it's almost always Grissom that says them, and I'm usually rolling my eyes when the song starts. Watch for it.

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