Friday, January 13, 2012

My lettuce hero

I was in Save-On-Foods the other day, and I pulled the classic "I don't need a basket, I'm only getting a couple things" gig. So there I am in the produce section holding two cartons of ice cream, some face cream, a chicken pot pie, and a cesar salad dressing perched on one arm while I tried to stuff a head of wet romain lettuce in the small plastic bag. I struggled for a good minutes and a half, without dropping anything might I add before an older lady swooped in to save me. All she had to do was grab one side of the bag, but I appreciated her help. She gave me a look like she'd been there before.

And speaking of lettuce, my sister started using it instead of a bun on her veggie burgers. Despite being slightly skeptical, it was actually pretty tasty.

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