Monday, January 16, 2012

Gram's middle finger

Since I've had my license, I've only driven with Grandma in the car a few times, but I always feel as though I have precious cargo. I drive more carefully, I obey all the rules, and I try not to get road rage. One time though, I was driving Grams and I back from Red Robin and we ran into a whole new kind of bad driver on Lougheed. He cut me off, and then drove way too slow, and then slammed on the brakes before going into the turning lane. We had to pass him, so I had every intention of looking over and giving him a dirty look, that way Grams wouldn't see it. As we start to go around him though, something comes into my peripheral vision, and next thing you know, Grams is pulling on her seat belt, practically in my lap, giving the guy beside us her middle finger. I couldn't believe it, and neither could he. That's got to be the pinnacle moment when you know you're a bad driver, when grandma flips you the bird.

That's why you're awesome Grams, love you so much :)

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