Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Garage Sale-sman

It being the summer, lots of Garage Sales have started popping up, just about everywhere. I like taking a peek mostly because scrapbooking is the hobby for the extremely anal retentive and some people go out buying lots thinking its for them, soon to find out it's not. Then a couple years later they forget how much they spent on it, and try to unload it to make room. I love these people.

But why is it that I can't look at your junk in peace? Something about garage sales turns every man, woman and especially child into a salesperson. That's a spectacular idea to a child, the last person that rolled up gave me money for stuff I don't want or need anymore! All of a sudden you're a gazzel to a lion. And you're the only thing standing between that lion and their next favourite video game. Good luck!

But the parents are just as bad. They like to rattle off stats on their crap. "Those are $120, size 7, brand name jeans, and you can have them for the low price of $20!" I'm so tempted to ask if that's in five easy payments, or if I get a money back guarantee. But it doesn't. As soon as you hand over the cash and make it past the lemonade stand, you're the proud owner buster. With any luck you'll find a $20 in the zipper pocket and turn a profit.

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