Saturday, August 23, 2014

Stage 5 clinger - Tinder sequel

Let's explore a recent accusation against me about being one. At first I was slightly offended, and geared up to defend myself, until I realized he'd hit the nail on the head.

For those playing the home game, there are only five stages of being a clingy individual, and stage 5 is the worst. The Urban Dictionary definition is: A member of the opposite sex that is likely to become overly attached, overly fast. Virgins, those on the rebound, and the emotionally fragile are more likely to have this term applied to them. Orignally from the movie Wedding Crashers.

In my defense, I was two out of three of those, and no, I'm not a virgin. But I should have figured this out sooner to be honest, there's been hints. One friend gave the advice, "Well Jenn, you're just a lot to take all at once". Another friend suggested, "Don't let on that you're too attracted too quickly, you'll scare them off."

Just to bring it all home for me, I had a clinger message me on Tinder. Repeatedly. He'd send 6 to my one. And at one point he said, "do you not want to talk to me?" It was when I realized I was totally put off, and my instinct was to run for it, that things really clicked. 

Let's consider this a Tinder Turn Off, but against me. So I might cling a little. I'm also less than reasonably short. I don't wear make up. I drive a less than glamourous 91' Ford Escort. But the biggest turn off so far? I'm not in it for hook ups. Tinder on! 

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