Thursday, August 28, 2014

Toodles Tinder

My sister created a new verb, "Are you Tindering again?" when we hang out. I've made a habit of getting a large tea in the morning so I don't fall asleep at work due to staying up half the night. I went to a party last weekend, and my blog was the only interesting thing that's happened to me lately. We are long past the point where this is a problem. 

I also realized in all my Tinder sequels, with all the turns offs and swipe rights, I've never composed a list of all my good qualities. I've realized I have a lot to offer. And world, be ready for me. Serena told me today I'm taking on dating like, "force of destruction". She meant it as a compliment; I'm the writer in the family by the way. She meant that I'm taking it head on, and being single doesn't stop me. (my very own witty hashtag #singledoesntstopme, it's not viral, YET) 

Its been a fun confidence booster, whether or not I actually end up meeting anyone to write home about. This sounds open ended because if you haven't noticed, I don't write about someone until it hasn't worked out, call it superstition. As a leaving present, some gems I've found lately, since I figured out how to take screen shots. 

Please note some cameo's here, thanks to the new Facebook messenger. Don't ask how I've mentally justified posting these, my answer might include unquestionable stupidity and a sincere inquiry on the state of the world. Toodles Tinder, its been fun.

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