Monday, October 12, 2015

21 Days of Bagels

In my ongoing search for love, or argueably, juicy blog material, I starting using a dating app called Coffee Meets Bagel. I'm not surprised if you haven't heard of it, only two of my Facebook friends are on it, because of me. Seems to be more popular in the States based on the majority of guys on it. I am sent a "bagel", or hopefully single gentlemen once day. I see up to four pictures, and a short profile of things they like and are looking for. We only make a connection if they've also liked my profile. So far I've made only two connections. One who asked for my number he never used, and another who seemed to loose interest after 3 messages. Unlike Tinder who basically just ask you which bits you're looking for, and send you as many as possible in your area, this is slowly moving, and the perception is, better matches. Lots of great guys it looks like, but the feedback to me was that I need better pictures. 

What on earth is cuter than THAT? 

No, I didn't put that one up, but I was tempted to. Anyhow, it came up the other day, "Congratulations! You've signed in 21 days in a row! Extra bagel for you!" And I was thinking, oh gawd, I need a LIFE! Do you have any of those? Seems counter intuitive to send me another match, like giving booze to an alcoholic right? Bagel on. 

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