Monday, October 12, 2015


Recently I had the experience of going through some of my dads things, he passed away May last year. It's interesting to realize what was important to someone by the things they keep. I found school projects I don't even remember making, but the most special was all the photos. There were some of my dad when he was young with the vans he customized, and the van club parties. Pictures of friends he didn't talk to often, but I know he valued in a big way. Pictures of me. So many pictures of me! 

As the second kid, I thought my parents had forgotten how to use a camera by the time I came along, based on volume, so I was pleasantly surprised. Some I'll treasure forever. 

One picture stands out for me. It was taken when I was in the hospital with my appendix. They said I could only have one parent stay with me. Mom said automatically she'd stay, but they let me pick. "Daddy!" We stayed up tying flies together, right there in the hospital. 

One of those times dad was never worried about being "out of the box". I have so many dear memories, and to see them come alive in photos of the fishing trips, camping trips, my first time on a bike. I remember telling dad not to let go. But he did. And when I realized he had I crashed into a bush. He ran after me, fished me out and cuddled me until I stopped crying. And then he put me back on the bike.  

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