Friday, October 23, 2015

Bagel, extra cheese please!

In my recent endeavours with Coffee Meets Bagel, I've noticed a couple tendancies in myself. Nothing is too cheesy. One guy wrote that he liked cuddling, I liked him. Another wrote that they were "looking for another sweetie pie to call my own." Yup, I thought that was funny, partly because I think it's song lyrics, and partly because he had guts enough to write "another". As in addition to yourself a sweetie pie? I'm building an army of them! They all know about each other in my life...
Another guy wrote "desperate" in his which I found refreshingly honest, and I'd have given him a go if it didn't also say "kink". I had to check with my dating expert, that's short for kinky isn't it? Now 50 Shades of Grey has made the dating scene a scary place in my humble opinion. He used to have to find a way to drop his fetishes causally into the conversation on a third date, but now he just airs it out on his profile like his underwear on the line! Thanks a lot Mr Grey, but the only reason your book was so popular was because women are sexually repressed, not because we're all secretly hoping for that! No thank you! Gawd forbid I'm dating a guy and he spontaneously springs "kink" on my unsuspecting self, nuh uh. Although it would make a wicked post if I had the courage to tell it...
And what about this guy? 

Yes I passed, not because he took a mirror selfie, but I don't TRUST his abdominal muscles. I'm sure he worked hard for them, but they kinda look like they got lost, and ended up on a guy who plays too many video games. Smile! It's way cheaper than a gym membership! Bagel on. 

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