Wednesday, October 12, 2016


I'm no different than any other younger sister, looking up and idolizing their big sister. Easier to do when they're a successful doctor and you're rocking a writing diploma you haven't put to use yet. But this week something devastating happened, and because of it, something truly beautiful. Early Monday morning, my Grans watched the news up in Salmon Arm, and saw my sisters clinic burning. 

I'll skip over the part where everyone panicked a little until we got a hold of her. Having just opened in June, and just had the grand opening two weeks ago, all the work and love she put into it, was lost. But here's where the beautiful thing started to happen. My family came together, we're practised at it now. The community came together. I saw my sister lean on, and support her husband to be. A few hours after it happened, they were already looking for another space. The next day, she'd found somewhere to practise out of. Her priority was her patients, and their well being. No a single doubt in my mind she'll persevere, and come out ahead. They're meant to be in another space. We'll look back on this experience years from now and recognize it as just another example of when my sister showed everyone her perseverance and resilience. I couldnt be more proud of her. 


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