Wednesday, October 12, 2016

First Turkey

Last year at my sisters Thanksgiving dinner, I had just bought my place, and offered, "Next year at my house!" It is undetermined how much wine I'd had at that point. Regardless, I like to follow through with my promises. 

So there I am at the store buying the turkey. I start chatting with the elderly couple behind me, as I always do in line ups. She totally baited me. Asked a surface level question to see what I knew. "How are you going to season it?" I failed. "You have to season it?" So then she backed right up for me, "okay, so when you take it out of the bag.." this lovely stranger walked with me into the parking lot giving advice. I thought she was going to get into my car and come home to cook it for me. Lots of turkey advice, coming from all over. 

What you do when it needs to thaw and your sink is full. Not of dirty dishes, no Grams, not at ALL. Redneck hot tub style. 

But I got a turkey roaster because my original plan was to put the bird in and go to work, just like my slow cooker. We would not have been eating the turkey jerky. Read the instructions, it was in 2 hours and it was still cooked the crap out of in some ways. 

My sister threw me a curve ball when she invited our gluten free and vegan cousins, but it was relatively easy to accommodate. I made inappropriate comments when I realized my birds legs had fallen apart, much to my sisters dismay.

I had some help getting everything done, and keeping it all hot to serve all at once. Sounds easier than it is. I got the most excited about decorating the table if I'm honest. 

Chocolate fall leaves! #nailedit 
All in all, I'd call it a success.

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