Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Avocado Addiction

A year or so back, my dad made it his personal goal to get me to like sushi and wine, and although it took a while, he succeeded. Some might say chicken and beef rolls aren't real sushi because they're not raw fish, but it's still rolled up in seaweed and rice, so it counts. About a month back I'd just gotten off work, and I had a craving for sushi, and circumstances as they were, I had to settle for BLT. Well even when I ate sushi a couple days later, it didn't fill the craving. I ate sushi almost everyday, and I still crave avocado rolls like a pregnant woman, even though that possibility's already been ruled out. It's so bad that I ordered sushi on my break from the place I had to drive to, not realizing I didn't have my car, so I got my sister to come pick me and my sushi up later, just before they closed. I had sushi for breakfast and dinner yesterday. Thing is, if I order an avocado roll and the seaweed is on the outside, all bets are off.

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