Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Magic Erasers

A friend of mine got us a gig cleaning her uncles new house this past weekend. We were getting paid, but man were the previous owners bad at cleaning. "See that grey shower? It used to be white..oh and that black stove, also used to be white, including the yellow grease stained vent cover.." It was hard work, but what made it a whole lot easier was magic erasers. I don't often say this, but their name is completely appropriate, they are actually magical. Marks in the window creases, on the walls, in the closet, we must have used almost eight of them in one day. I bet I did half the scrubbing I would have without them, and after eight hours I was ready to hug whomever invented them. We should make a scholarship in their honour. I bet anyone with kids who's discovered their majesty buys them in bulk. My family should all expect one in their stocking this Christmas.

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