Friday, June 10, 2011

Dumb DD

So last night my sister wanted to go to the bar, and I offered to drive. When the local watering hole got too rowdy, and annoying for anyone not 5 shots deep, I told my sister to call me when she needed a ride. After driving around for a while, I resorted to sleeping in my car, in the bars parking lot. I was jolted awake by the realization that I'd actually left without paying my BLT bill earlier in the night. I was so frazzled I grabbed my purse and cell phone and ran to get back before they closed. As soon as I closed the door I realized my keys were still inside. But as embarrassing as it is, I do it quite often, but my hide-a-key must have falling off at some point, because it wasn't there. We ended up walking home, the long way because the forest trails were all too dark, and my intoxicated sister kept saying we were "walking too fast". And don't forget the cartwheels in the middle of the road.

What would have been a three and a half minute drive turned into, an hour walk, a ride on a motorized bike, and getting to sleep at 2:30 in the morning. Go me!

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  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA Jenn this post made me laugh.....we ALL have our dumb moments!!!!! I love that you can laugh about yours!