Monday, July 8, 2013

Dress bliss

I love shopping alone because it's so care-free. You get to spend as long as you like in stores, go into whatever stores you like, leave after 5 minutes if you feel like it...but there is one major downside. When I try things on, I value that second opinion, and lets be honest, the sales clerks are usually biased. If you're running solely on that opinion, I'd grab something you know looks hideous and get their opinion just to gauge their honesty. But I've also found another strategy that works quite well:  

I'm sure this isn't allowed, but then I text my friends and family to get the yea or nah. In the case of the last sparkly light purple dress, I posted it to Facebook to get people's opinions. This also backfired on me because I used the caption, "say yes to the dress?" and one of my aunts thought I was getting married. Oops!

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