Sunday, July 21, 2013

Hard choice

For Gregs birthday last week, I decided to take the responsibility of getting him a cake, and his favourite are the Dairy Queen ice cream cakes. So when I called a couple days before to order it, I answered all the usual questions. "For how many people? When can you pick it up? What do you want it to say?" and then they asked me what I wanted on the cake. In the past I've gotten him beer, and one year I think I got Star Trek, so I asked for both. I don't know what I was expecting, William Shatner holding up a mug of beer ready to CHEERS Greg off the cake or something, but logically she answered they couldn't do both. They have preset designs the shape of the cake they just put on, and both won't fit. 
"So what do you want? Beer or Star Trek?"
It was jarring how hard of a choice it was. I chose beer. He said he would have gone with Star Trek. I bet it tasted the same. 

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