Friday, July 19, 2013

Four way stop procedure

When I was learning to drive, my dad, who gladly let my aunt and driving school do most of the work, would occasionally work in lessons while we were driving together, me as the passenger of course. One day we pulled up to a four way stop and dad asked me, "who goes first in a four way stop?" and I diligently rehearsed what I'd read in my driving book, "the vehicle who gets to the intersection first, or if it's around the same time, the person on the right to the.." and then dad interrupted as he gunned it,
"NOPE! It's the person with the bigger BALLS!" 

But lets face it, he kind of had a point, because we've all been to that four-way stop where NO ONE had ANY BALLS. I was there yesterday at the four way stop just in front of my old high school, Terry Fox Secondary in Poco. Of course its summer, because it never would have happened that way if pretentious new drivers had anything to do with it. So I pulled up behind one car to realize that no one was moving, in any direction. I had no idea what had happened before I got there, so I don't know who was attempting to be courteous, or just plain dumb. But they even went as far to start to go and stop at the same time, similar to how two people get stuck trying to pass one another in a crowded hallway. Eventually someone waved someone else on, and I've never been so happy to leave an intersection, it was just so painful to watch.

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