Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Topless meet cute

If you haven't seen the movie "The Holiday" get on it. But you can't borrow my copy, because I already lent it out once, never got it back and had to re-buy it.

So in the movie it describes the first time the two people meet as the meet cute. I had a first interaction with a random guy that was so strange I couldn't keep it to myself. A while back I dropped by Aleisha's work specifically to drop off a jacket I'd borrowed, but then I got a smoothie, and chit chatted, and eventually got back to my car, jacket still in my possession. So even though I was running late (when am I not?) I decided to run it back in, literally run. As I flung open the door, a guy turned the corner and started to come out. He was all, "Oh this is great! A new kind of chivalry, a girl that holds the door for the guy!" I smiled, but this is still not too out of the ordinary right? So I give Aleisha her jacket, and head back for my car. As I pass the minivan parked beside me, there's door guy, half-naked, blocking my drivers side door. I was a little awe-struck, not because a ripped guy is now smiling at me, and blushing, but I literally had no where to go. What are the chances of that? He thought it was just great, and wanted to chat me up again. I waited until he was finished changing, and then I got in my car and left, still laughing.

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