Friday, July 26, 2013

Trainwreck Facebook friend

We all have at least one person on Facebook whom we follow because they're a trainwreck. Why we follow those people might be a little different, maybe it's for comic relief, or to feel better about yourself and your life. But I almost guarantee you there's someone who when they're posts come up you think, "For a regular person, this is ludicrous, but for this person, just another day in the life.." Sometimes I'll be sitting around doing whatever it is I do in my daily life and when a notification goes off on my phone I get excited. I think, "here we go, can't wait, it's so-and-so" No, I'm not giving away my sources, but keep up the good work trainwrecks!

For the record, the word "trainwreck" must be code for large bundles of pot, because that's what came up when I googled it.

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