Thursday, May 12, 2016

Biggest fear

Remember that post about my relaxed feelings around expiry dates, and when I did food safe I was surprised I was still alive? I finally gave myself food poisoning, and it came with a migraine. I missed a day of work, it wasn't pretty. They're a real thing, don't listen to me. Anyways, the point here is, the only thing I got done yesterday was a single load of laundry. And in that process, my worst fear came true. 

Grams is laughing because she gave me that pair of socks, so she knows how devastated I'd be if that single sock was never found. But it was, by a neighbour of mine, probably in the dryer, who considerately tacked it up there so I would see it and recognize it as mine. Now before you think I'm overreacting over a single sock, let me ask you this, how close was I to that being a PAIR OF UNDERWEAR? 

It's a real problem, and a side effect of not having in suite laundry. I have to travel with my dirty laundry, down a hallway, into an elevator, and down another hall to the laundry room. And in all honestly, usually there's a lot to travel with. It's happened more than once I do the hallways check, a particularly slinky pair has sneaked out. Without getting into any details about the booty shorts versus thong debate and where I ring in, for the sake of my coworkers who now read my blog, let's just say ANY underwear would be embarrassing. And it's only a matter of time before a thumb tack makes all my worst fears come true. Do I claim it as mine? Snatch it down? Or leave it there and call it a wash, (ha ha, get it?) I'd just have to hope none of my neighbours see me in a matching pair, I do have curtains now...

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