Friday, May 27, 2016

Name drop

As a person who likes to address the feelings in the situation, blogging has brought up some interest moral challenges for me. I had a previous fling say he wasn't reading my blog out of respect for me, just in case I had anything to get out of my system. So first off, let's call it how it is, he was more concerned about seeing himself on here than my feelings. But that also brings up the idea that I would use my blog to gripe about guys who burned me, which I find almost insulting. I use my journal for that, not a PUBLIC platform. At most I'll admit to the occasional nameless jab. Because in my mind, that makes it ok if I don't actually name someone. Nicknames, and ambiguous "a friend of mine..." seem to justify my conscious just fine. Do note the above, "a fling" reference, I can already hear my sister saying, "yea, that could be ANYONE really..." But let's be honest, you all usually know who you are. I called it a cameo, but evidently that's only in film, and if you're a celebrity. Like Grams, who I have this idea is excitedly reading on her iPad a bunch of miles away, elated when I reference her. Maybe not. Maybe she's shaking her fist at her lap and cussing (I've heard it). I had a close friend just tell me last night she's keeping a mental tab on how many posts she's dropped into, "I make Jenn question her life!" But I also ask permission sometimes. People have different ideas about oversharing online, and should my blog ever get me into any sort of trouble, which by some fluke either it hasn't, or I just don't know about it, I'd like to not take anyone down with me. Well except Grams I suppose, but to her I'd say, "you knew this day would come." 
On the other hand, despite getting around 100 hits per post lately, maybe thinking that I have that much influence on anything is conceited. That would be a new look for me. Could be fun. 

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