Thursday, May 5, 2016

I wanna POO: an update

These titles just keep getting worse...I'm going to preface it better this time. For those less avid readers of my blog, I committed not to use Shampoo, but vinager and baking soda instead for a whole month. Feel free to flip back to my previous post, it didn't get off to the best start, and blogging about it might be the only reason I've keep it up if I'm honest. 

Because sometimes, it kinda sucks. And it always seems to be the "and" when I'm having a rough go. This happened, that happened, AND my hair is gross! They say it takes a whole month for your hair to adjust, which seems redundant because I'm already counting down the days until I can use shampoo again. 

I've noticed some itchy red spots at this point. A client suggested I moisturizer my scalp, so I used beautifying oil. 

Then my scalp was still itchy and red, as well as greasy enough to cook fries. Fries with vinegar, based on smell. I can't speak to how much hair I'm loosing because one day it'll feel like I'm loosing less, and then the next I'm panicking it's all falling out. It's probably averaging out to the same.

By the way, my friend who got me onto this, dropped out in the first week. She got some dandruff, and immediately we went out for a family size bottle of head and shoulders. Don't worry, I'm aware how awful that stuff is, I tried to tell her. Hate to say it, but my greasy roots, dry ends mop might be better off.

I also have some suspisions that the baking soda and vinegar might be the reason my acne got out of control and turned into huge scabs on my chin. But I'm trying to get that under control too. 

Anyhow, I'm keeping with it, because I said I would, but this is less than pleasant. I was about to type "suffering" but it seems overly mellow dramatic with all the fires and evacuations in Fort MacMurrey. Which by the way, you can donate directly to through the Red Cross, I did. 

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