Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A holler and a shout

First off, I want to send out a big holler to all the gracious souls who frequently check out my dribble, I've hit over 9000 hits on my blog. Thanks to my biggest fans, who include my dear Grams. But thank you also to those readers in my life who keep it a secret, maybe my blog is your guilty pleasure. Last week I met my friends boyfriend for the first time, and he'd read my blog. Not sure how I feel about this being someones first impression of me, but that reminds me. Thanks to my readers in Russia, I'm sure you're all quite lovely.

And now a huge SHOUT OUT to someone I consider one of my closest friends, KRISTI ROOTS.

Who despite my constant bombardment still has NOT read my blog. This one's for you my love. Now click the sidebar and check out all my old posts. Sacrifice one of those nights you stay up until 3am on Netflix, there WILL be a test later.

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