Sunday, October 19, 2014

Trick, treat...or SPOOK?

What are your Halloween traditions? Among getting dressed up, carving pumpkins and calming the poor dog down from the damn fireworks, do you also get excited to scare children? I was chatting to my Grams on the phone the other day when she mentioned she answers the door on her knees, to get herself down to the kids level so she doesn't scare them. This made me laugh for two reasons, for one because I'd never heard of people doing that until her very own sister told me she also does that. For two, Auntie does that specifically to scare the pants off the poor little buggers that knock at her door. Oh yea. Uncle Doug puts on scary music, they turn the lights down, she puts on a flashing witch hat and *ding dong*. She told me last year she felt awful that she'd scared a poor little girl so bad she wouldn't come back for her copious amounts of candy.

But this is a running thread isn't it? My most memorable trick or treating experiences involved a guy who dug a grave in his front yard, and laid in it super still until we got close enough for him to grab our ankles. And what's too far? One parent jumped out of the bush and chased out of the yard, screaming after with us. I'm also pretty sure that's part of the reason mom never argued to stay home to hand out the candy, and she was scary enough without dressing up. Dad never minded taking us out either, but I found out much later it wasn't just coffee in those travel mugs..

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