Monday, October 27, 2014

Sniff test

Quite often I use this term to describe people who smell their clothes before they wear them for cleanliness, although one might argue that's not clean at ALL. But last week I had another sniff test kind of experience. I was melting in guilt at work all day because I'd used my friends deodorant without asking. I had a feeling he wasn't a germaphobe, and he wouldn't give two shits, but I just felt so BAD! So on my break I hoofed it over to the drug store to buy him a replacement. But I wanted to get him the same kind, and even though I knew the brand, there's a large variety of scents. So I started smelling my armpit, and checking it against the pit sticks. Well lady McPrim&Proper strolls by, and I can't even describe the look she gave me. As if I'd insulted her religion! Stolen her first born child! I'm not sorry my unusual behaviour offended you so much, it's how I get my shits and giggles. Keep walking!

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