Sunday, October 19, 2014

That guy's got game!

I'm beginning to wonder how much of my life is genuine versus social experiments. It's a pretty gray area right? So when I was out at the club dancing my arse off a while back there, I couldn't help but notice this one guy and how he was interacting with women. There's no other way to describe it, he had GAME! Lets be clear, he wasn't particularly good looking, he just knew exactly what to say. I was dancing along to a Backstreet Boys song when he leaned into me and said, "Oh my gawd, I love this song!"

My female brain automatically jumped with joy thinking, "YES! Me too!" I smiled. I turned to him and said, "Oh damn, you're good!" He wore a cowboy hat that he'd take off and put on the girl he was dancing with. He made whatever girl he was giving his attention to feel like the centre of his world. He could dance. I couldn't help it, I was naturalistically observing/blatantly staring at him for a while. Not a single doubt in my mind he got a least a few phone numbers that night. No Grams, not mine. I saw through him, but I appreciate his style despite finding his level of confidence slightly off putting. He should teach classes. Go you game guy!

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