Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Best compliment

I had an acquaintance give me the best compliment the other day. He said my blog helped him, and to keep writing, because you never know who you're helping. I thought it was going to be something to do with the grieving post I've written about losing my dad to cancer in 2014, but it wasn't. It was about dating, of all things. Another recent romantic endeavour hit the fan last week, one I was particularly hopeful for, and I've rarely felt less equipped to give advice, and yet here we are. Brings me to self reflect on why it is that I keep writing these, as I've said before, it started as a school project, and one I wasn't so keen about doing. But maybe someone gets a laugh on the skytrain to work. Maybe someone takes comfort in my raw honesty about grieving. Gawd forbid someone takes my dating advice, but evidently it's happened at least once.

I get on average 60-80 hits on a post, but it's interesting to think about who those 80 people are. I go to parties and people admit they're avid followers. Random acquaintances, people I've know for short amounts of time, or don't see too often. Family, coworkers and people I see everyday. Grams, of course. I keep seeing followers in Ireland, more interesting or less if we've never met? Well the good news is, I'm having just as much fun writing them as you apparently are reading them, so let's not mess with this good thing we have going...

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