Wednesday, April 20, 2016

No poo

Evidently this is truly a thing, because most people I've talked to about it have heard of it before. No shampoo, only using baking soda and vinegar. I waited until my shampoo and conditioner totally ran out, because lets be honest, if it's there as an option...on April 14th I did my first treatment.

My hair didn't feel clean and it smelled like vinager fries. Until I put my hair product in, then it smelled like a dirty ash tray. Everytime I talked to my friend, I told her how awful my hair was, and how I wasn't sure I was going to be able to stick it out for a whole month. 

See a problem here? Well actually there was two. I was using baking POWDER instead of SODA, turns out that makes a HUGE difference. Also, I wasn't mixing any of it with water. Just like getting Abbostford and Aldergrove mixed up, it only makes sense in my head. 

Speaking of my head, see that tuff of hair partying out the side? And what about this picture below? 

All bad things. Worked a lot better when I did it properly. This was me yesterday. 

And for good measure, me today...

The byproduct of this experiment so far has been an empathy for people who are self conscious about being clean. Last Thursday I had Judo, and Saturday I did a first aid course, both of which include lots of physical contact, and I was uncomfortable with the state of my hair. I knew someone who got teased about being "dirty" as a kid, and it's shaped who they are as a adult. I understand that a little better now. 

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