Monday, April 18, 2016

Still dodging

Well the good news is, they took more pictures at dodgeball. The bad news is, they took more pictures at dodgeball. Let's be clear, some of these shots are EPIC! Look at this guy! 

Badass. And then there's me. 

To be fair, I'm reffing in that one.

With any luck I just got out in that one, instead of what it looks like, which is me casually sauntering about while my teammates throw themselves around. 

That one looks legit. I'm clearly dodging. Got my hands up to catch a ball, which is  one of your only hopes when it's just you against two or more players. But then there's this...

I'm turned sideways, which my team had told me not to do a million times, "you can't catch like that.." And how about that look on my face? 

I rest my case. I love dodgeball, but as my elementary school report card would say, there's room for improvement. 

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