Thursday, April 21, 2016

Hippie tales: No poo update

Since I'm no poo-nig it, I've been engaging in lots of conversations with people about it. Usually starts with, "I wouldn't touch my hair right now if I were you.." Or "if you're getting a funky smell..." 

My family especially has been giving me some strange looks, this is the kind of thing they'd usually expect from my sister. I haven't decided yet if I'll keep going once the month is up. I've noticed some dry spots on my scalp, and when I sweat, it's smells a lot like vinager. Even using a different shower yesterday where I'd left Herbal Essences Shampoo and Conditioner, I looked longingly at it while I scrubbed in my baking soda and sprayed my vinager. I craved the fruity explosion of smells. 

I had a client at the bank tell me when we were all huddled in the vault that I smelled nice, and I found myself self concious again, like vinegar I said? 

I started using a Fructis product that says its 95% natural. 

Problem is, combined with what's in my hair, it smells like an ash tray. Which is problematic. But I'm sticking it out for you, my lovely bloggy fans. 

Did you know Poo coffee is also a thing?  Coffee beans that has previously been digested by animals. It's a delicacy, so it's super expensive, and people say it tastes great. 

But why stop there? We can do no poo paper! We can scavenge in the back yard for leaves, spray them with olive oil to dampen out, and save ourselves toilet paper. Completely biodegradable! Next time you come for dinner, you see a pile of leaves in the bathroom beside the toilet, and you can find ass wipe anywhere...

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