Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Couch crazy

It started off harmless enough, my spin instructor posted a couch on biding wars, and offered to deliver. I'm in! "but what about your old couch?" My friend says. Dammit. 

Because that's another problem, living alone I can't just have strangers off the internet show up. But semi-strangers from my Facebook, alright! One of my friends suggested staging a boyfriend... Like staging a house. Kinda funny, really. 

So then while I'm waiting for my late friend, two strangers from the street offer to help. And it's heavy and difficult to get in the building, so we knock on my neighbours door for them to open it to give us more room. Then the chick for the new couch and her mom shows up. Now we have a right party in the hallway.

I let the two men off the hook when the couch didn't fit through the doorway, "this is much beyond the call of duty for a genuinely good deed..." And then I had a moment of brilliance. Let's move the old couch out while the new one is in the hall, out of the way! 

We ended up having to take my new couch out the side of the building and around the back. It was all feeling pretty exasperating, until I sat on it for the first time. Totally worth it, I assure you. 

The comfyness just sucks you in, all in one gulp. Like the perfect pair of shoes you didn't have to break in! I'm sleeping on it tonight, and not just to confuse the cat, but that's the cherry on top. Booya! 


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