Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Bedazzled nails

This came up on my snapchat, it could anywhere in the world they had a beauty conference thing. 

That's not a beauty goal of MINE. What does this chick do for work eh? Receptionist at a nail salon. Has to be. What else could you do? I'd last 10 seconds or less before I ripped those things off in my job. Also, I don't understand the pointy nails trend. First time I saw them was near Halloween last year, and that for me was fitting, especially in black, it makes everyone look like witches. Doesn't it have a Hocus Pocus feel to it? 

Why does a beauty conference have all make up, nail polish and fake eyelashes? I'd have one and just sell mirrors. I'd even write on them, "you're lovely, keep up the good work" Unless they're a jerk, then it would read, "you can be an ass again today, or you can be lovely. Choice is yours" Although bedazzling unemployed people's witchy nails might be more lucrative.

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