Thursday, June 2, 2016

Life of excitement

I've realized lately how simple a creature I can be, and how little it takes to make me happy. My persona online sees me jumping out of planes, doing obstacle course races, triathlons, and bungee jumping, but on the day to day, I appreciate boring. Give me a good book, (I'm loving Elizabeth Gilbert - Big Magic) my cat, and a warm cup of tea on my comfy couch and I'm happy as a clam. I get happy when I'm doing dishes and a few tiny bubbles sneak out the conainer before the soap! I don't think its just me either. Yesterday I called a friend to go thrift shopping and she was in bed, napping. I heart naps. Today I asked another friend what she was up to and she said she might be at the library, understandably, as she's going to school, but I go to the library just for fun. I also see it on my snap chat. I just about peed myself watching my friends kid trying to eat a kiwi, bugger just kept slipping out his hands! Anyhow, maybe its a pre-30's stage with my birthday coming up, but bring on the boring!

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