Thursday, June 23, 2016

Fat tea

A coworker of mine brought in a bag of teas she had from home, and in it was a bag of "Tiny Tea". The instructions say you're to drink it a half hour before you eat. My coworker tells me this is because it has appetite suppressants in it, so you don't eat so much, and become tiny I suppose. 

I brewed up a cup, and took it to my wicket. When it cooled down enough, I brought it to my mouth to drink and inadvertently took in a breath at the same time and smelled it. Now to preface this, I've had some pretty gross teas. My sister gives me remedies, my other coworker gave me a tea that tasted like puffed wheat, I work next to David's Teas they bring over the extra sample teas for us. I'll usually drink it out of respect, or in inert need not to waste it. This skinny tea smelled SO BAD, I couldn't get over it. I wanted to try a small sip, because I knew I wanted to blog about it, but I couldn't bring myself to even try it. I can't even compare it to anything, it created it's entirely new and unique, awful smell. That's how is suppresses your appetite right? I have a new tea, "I'd rather be fat tea". 

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