Sunday, June 5, 2016

Possible Paint Nite

The problem is, I keep going with ridiculous and it works out for me. 

If something blew up in my face, maybe I wouldn't try things like showing up to a Paint Nite ticketless. 

It was pretty ballsey to show up to a sold out event, and hope for a no-show. The organizer said I should wait until 10 minutes after the event started to paint my canvas. Most nerve wracking 10 minutes of watching the door EVER! Even people walking by, I'd think, "do they look like they might be here to paint a turtle?" 

But it worked out. And I had the best time, as I always do. 

Painting next to my sister is its own cruel and unusual punishment. She's a wonderful aritist, with unerving talent. At one point I looked at her canvas, gasped and whispered "...damn you..." 

But wouldn't you know everyone afterward was commenting on MY picture? My inability to follow the rules paid off, in a big mermaid ass kinda way, but none the less. 

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