Monday, June 6, 2016


I should start a new thread called Jenn's antics, and this would make the grade. My manager came up to me a couple weeks back and said hesitantly, " we have this penguin outfit, and Pitt Meadows day is coming up.." And I lost it, "you'll make all my dreams come true!" Even leading up to it when it was going to be 30+ degrees, I was still so excited. I'd already decided I was wearing my camel pack underneath, but a client even suggeste I freeze it first. Brilliant. 

Kyle walked around with me, keeping me hydrated like a super star. Funny thing is, no one knows who's under the suit. Most people just assumed I was a guy. Kyle got so offended when one older couple asked is he was "dad". Some kids were scared, I had to back off. Even a coworkers kids, who saw me without the outfit on were hesitant when I was fully suited up. 

I had just the best time. I got to dance and frolic around, high fives, hugs all around. It's possible I missed my calling in life. 

I don't feel comfortable posting pictures of random peoples kids online, but I have some cute ones of group hugs, and patty cake I'll never forget. 

Everyone kept empathizing with me about how HAWT it was. I'd turn around and start shaking my back pack and Kyle would tell them it was a frozen camel pack. "Smartie pants penguin!" It's almost criminal...

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