Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Vanilla tattoo off

After I ran the 5km Foam Fest in Nanaimo on Saturday, I had a giant fake tattoo on my right cheek. 

All fun and games until I was rushing around Sunday morning with a bridal shower, baby shower and dance recital to go to. My #supermom cousin with two small boys helped me get others off with rubbing alcohol once. I don't own rubbing alcohol. But I do have real alocohol. I'm in the shower, "Kyle - get the vodka!" He brings it into the bathroom for me, a little puzzled, "little early isn't it?" But we dabbed some onto a make up pad and voila! Hopefully I reach a time in my life where I do have rubbing alcohol, and maybe even better, don't put tattoos on my face anymore. But until then!  

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