Monday, June 20, 2016

Jenn's antics #1007: the haircut

said it in my post about showing up to a paint nite without a ticket, but I'll say it again. Maybe I wouldn't be so wildly outlandish if one of my antics blew up in my face, but again, I'd say this one swung in my favour. 

My professional stylist cancelled on me, the day before my birthday dinner with family. I was craving a durastic hair change. Of the things I dislike about Facebbok flashbacks, my hair being the same way for 7 years stood out. 

So I called Kristi, "Didn't your mom have a hair dressing cerificate from 30 years ago? So did mine. And Grams is supervising, she had her dog grooming one from 30 years ago too...I think we're more than qualified" A glass of wine for good measure...

She cut the bulk of the length off first, which professionals don't do, and I'm sure there's a good reason for it. As it was though, my hair was too long for ONE box of home dye, so we cut it first. 

Then she dyed it for me. 

Then she cut it more. And gave me bangs. 

And I LOVE IT. I had professionals tell me since that it's not even and such, but I'm so strange that makes me like it more. I was so grateful to Kristi for jumping on the crazy train with me. It's just hair, it would have grown back. After you've shaved your head twice, nothing else feels too drastic. And had it gone awful, she and I would have had a great story. We still do.

Shout out to Grams too, photographer extraordinaire. 

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